Simon Munnery – Alan Parker, Urban Warrior, Xmas Special 1994

Title : Alan Parker Urban Warrior’s Christmas Special
Station : BBC Radio One
Tx : 1994-12-24
Random Notes : I uploaded this show to UKNova some years ago, although that version had to be edited quite severely to meet the upload rules. This version is unedited and has much clearer sound quality.

It hasn’t been a very happy time for me recently, but I said I’d update within seven days and lo..

Simon Munnery seems to be enjoying a wave of popularity recently, possibly not altogether unconnected to all those mentions in that recent Stewart Lee book, so I figured it would be a good time to root out some of his Radio One shows from the early-mid 1990’s, under his alter ego Alan Parker, Urban Warrior (and most left-wing man in the pub).

This Christmas special from exactly 17 years ago today is a bit of an oddity and may not be the best introduction to the character. If you’re new to Munnery or Alan Parker then I’d suggest waiting for the first two series of “29/59 Minutes of Truth”, which I will upload as soon as I can bloody find them.

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