Gulf War Mark I

“This is the end of it. This campaign – whether by the United States, by Britain, or by Israel if it gets involved – will remove Saddam Hussein from power. He will not be allowed to stay, even if he leaves Kuwait.” – Fred Halliday

First out of the bag is this rather battered looking c-120 from the fag end of my time living in the US. On it are two hours and five minutes of live rolling coverage of Desert Storm from Seattle’s KING 1090 (now KPTK).

Side one was recorded on January 16 (US), 1991, and runs for 1h02m45s. It covers the start of campaign as US warplanes attack targets in Iraq and Kuwait.

Side two is from January 18th and runs for 1h02m48s. It starts as news is breaking that  Hussein has made good on his promise to fire Scud missiles at targets in Israel in response to military action against Iraq. At the time it was (cough) not known whether Iraq possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and whether or not the scuds fired were conventional weapons or something more sinister.

Notes : The quotation at the top of this entry can be heard at 29m25s on side two. Also on side two, at 14m55s, is.. well.. I’ll let you find it yourself.

Zip file contains two mono 48kpbs mp3s. I chose this bitrate because the original recordings were taken from an AM radio broadcast. There is no audible difference between the original tape and the mp3.

DOWNLOAD : (44mb)

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