Simon Munnery – Alan Parker, Urban Warrior, Xmas Special 1994

Title : Alan Parker Urban Warrior’s Christmas Special
Station : BBC Radio One
Tx : 1994-12-24
Random Notes : I uploaded this show to UKNova some years ago, although that version had to be edited quite severely to meet the upload rules. This version is unedited and has much clearer sound quality.

It hasn’t been a very happy time for me recently, but I said I’d update within seven days and lo..

Simon Munnery seems to be enjoying a wave of popularity recently, possibly not altogether unconnected to all those mentions in that recent Stewart Lee book, so I figured it would be a good time to root out some of his Radio One shows from the early-mid 1990’s, under his alter ego Alan Parker, Urban Warrior (and most left-wing man in the pub).

This Christmas special from exactly 17 years ago today is a bit of an oddity and may not be the best introduction to the character. If you’re new to Munnery or Alan Parker then I’d suggest waiting for the first two series of “29/59 Minutes of Truth”, which I will upload as soon as I can bloody find them.

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Just a quick note to say that things have been hectic and I apologize for the lack of any updates recently. Hopefully something new will be up within the next seven days, probably one of the R1 Alan Parker series. I’ve managed to find the tapes of Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 (Road Warrior) and the 1996 Christmas special. I did once upload one of these series to UKNova, but the music had to be cut out to comply with board rules.

Feel free to abuse me if I don’t.

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Bloopers, eps 3-6

As promised, here are the remaining four episodes of Jonathan Hewat’s ‘Bloopers’, as broadcast by Radio Four. (51mb zip, 4×15 minute 128mbps stereo mp3)

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‘Bloopers’ ep. 1 and 2 (Radio 4, 199x)

Here are the first two episodes of ‘Bloopers’, one of many similarly themed series produced for Radio Four by broadcaster, lecturer and inveterate collector of the radio blooper Jonathan Hewat. This series comprised of 6 x 15 minute episodes, the rest of which I will also post when I manage to find them!

Hewat used to sell tapes and CDs of bloopers to raise money for the British Wireless for the Blind Fund. If you enjoy these recordings of his radio show then why not pop over there and make a donation.

Station : BBC Radio Four

Tx : Unknown, either 1995 or 1996. (26mb, 128kpbs stereo MP3)

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Gulf War Mark I

“This is the end of it. This campaign – whether by the United States, by Britain, or by Israel if it gets involved – will remove Saddam Hussein from power. He will not be allowed to stay, even if he leaves Kuwait.” – Fred Halliday

First out of the bag is this rather battered looking c-120 from the fag end of my time living in the US. On it are two hours and five minutes of live rolling coverage of Desert Storm from Seattle’s KING 1090 (now KPTK).

Side one was recorded on January 16 (US), 1991, and runs for 1h02m45s. It covers the start of campaign as US warplanes attack targets in Iraq and Kuwait.

Side two is from January 18th and runs for 1h02m48s. It starts as news is breaking that  Hussein has made good on his promise to fire Scud missiles at targets in Israel in response to military action against Iraq. At the time it was (cough) not known whether Iraq possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and whether or not the scuds fired were conventional weapons or something more sinister.

Notes : The quotation at the top of this entry can be heard at 29m25s on side two. Also on side two, at 14m55s, is.. well.. I’ll let you find it yourself.

Zip file contains two mono 48kpbs mp3s. I chose this bitrate because the original recordings were taken from an AM radio broadcast. There is no audible difference between the original tape and the mp3.

DOWNLOAD : (44mb)

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..and so it begins

A couple of days ago I came across the Cassette Archive, a WordPress blog in which the author digitizes the contents of his/her old cassettes and makes them available for all in mp3 format. “What an excellent idea”, I thought, “why don’t I do that?”. Thus.

I can’t remember exactly what all those cassettes in the two big bags in my garage contain, but it’s a safe bet that there will be lots of old radio stuff; phone ins, news, sessions, live music, the odd documentary and loads of no doubt disjointed stuff from Radio Four. There should also be some American stuff as well, as I spent the years 1987-1991 living in Washington State. All of it will be meticulously sorted, cataloged and uploaded, a process which should begin once my new cassette player arrives (hopefully) on Wednesday.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a smug dog.

A smug dog

this is a picture of a smug dog

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